Mission & Vision

Inspiring Compassionate Leaders Through Academic Excellence

At The Healdsburg School, our goals as educators are the same as your goals as a parent.



Inspiring Compassionate Leaders through Academic Excellence

  • Inspiring children through innovative learning experiences
  • Building compassionate minds through cultural awareness, community outreach and environmental consciousness
  • Cultivating responsible leaders through the close partnership of faculty, parents and children
  • Providing excellence in academics through a high-quality internationalĀ curriculum that includes Spanish, Mandarin, fitness, music and the arts


We envision THS as an established academic institution providing a foundation for our graduates to take leadership roles and compassionately respond to the needs of our global community.


  • A philosophy rooted in the understanding that meaningful and inspired learning takes place when children are interacting, exploring, questioning and engaging in a child-centered environment
  • A rigorous, articulated and integrated academic curriculum that emphasizes language arts, writing, mathematics, social studies, science and technology and the fine and performing arts
  • A faculty who embodies the educational philosophy of the school and the values of a caring school community
  • A strong collaborative partnership between parents and school
  • A board, administration, and staff that model the values they wish to see in the students
  • A methodology that fosters and supports diverse and differentiated learning styles and encourages risk-taking in learning
  • A program that actively promotes caring for self and others
  • A dedication to active participation in local and global communities
  • An understanding, appreciation and respect of diversity in all human societies

Founders’ Creed

The Healdsburg School will develop confident, courageous, compassionate young people who engage relationships and ideas with rigor and integrity in an inspiring, diverse and challenging academic environment. Graduates will be prepared to embrace their community and meet the challenges of their time with grace, resilience and good humor.