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Building upon the concept-based curriculum in the Lower School, the Upper School curriculum emphasizes technical, analytical, problem-solving, and investigative skills while continuing to focus on the connections between disciplines, so students learn to see knowledge as an interrelated, coherent whole.

Engaged.  Challenged.  Prepared.  Learning through the carefully crafted THS Upper School curriculum, facilitated by master teachers, THS Upper School students are poised to become leaders in their local, national and international communities.  They are well prepared for matriculation into high school and have honed academic, social, and personal skills that will serve them their entire lives.

Early adolescence is an exciting and challenging phase of developmental growth.  With the emergence of abstract reasoning, students this age can deeply engage in purposeful work.  They are increasingly able to organize their thoughts and consider many sides of an issue or multiple solutions to a problem; they are attracted to projects that engage multiple senses.

At THS, the unique gifts and needs of every Upper School student are recognized.  THS Upper School faculty members are master teachers in multiple ways.  Not only are they specialists in their particular areas of study, but equally important, they possess a strong ability to personally connect with their students.  Both components are critical to guiding and teaching early adolescents.  Students this age appreciate teachers who listen and respond and who acknowledge them as individuals in the classroom.

Learning in THS Upper School classrooms balances structured and open-ended experiences, individual and collaborative endeavors, discussions, inquiry, problem-solving, and reflection.  Expectations are high and our rigorous, integrated curriculum and small class size allows our faculty to work closely with each student to provide them the necessary support to be successful and challenged across multiple subjects.