Second Grade News – February 8

The second graders have been immersed in letter-writing for the past few weeks. We are currently taking part in a project called “Flat Stanley”. The basic idea of the project is to connect the students with friends and family living in other places via letter-writing. Flat Stanley is a 1964 children’s book written by Jeff Brown. It tells the story of a young boy, Stanley Lambchop, who wakes up one morning to find that a bulletin board has fallen on his bed during the middle of the night. Even though he feels okay, he discovers that he is completely flat! He then encounters several unique and humorous situations. During this project, each student created an artistic “likeness” of him/herself. The “likeness” is a small, paper person that resembles the student. The “flat students” were then mailed with accompanying letters, written by the students. Each letter asks the host to take the visitor out and about for one week, while documenting his/her travels with a journal and/or photos. In class, we have documented these travels on our maps of the United States and the World. The “flat students” are due to arrive back to THS in the next few weeks and we look forward to hearing about their adventures.

Please be sure to study your Mandarin. Here is the link to Mrs. Li’s study guide.

Here is a fun picture from our buddy work on Tuesday. Enjoy!