Annual Fund

Your support sends a powerful message that you believe in The Healdsburg School—its educational programs, and the teachers and mentors who are integral to it. The Annual Fund is one of the schools most significant sources of support and it is through your generosity that our students continue to benefit from abundant opportunities to learn, grow, and shine.

If you have any questions about the specific benefits of the Annual Fund, please feel free to contact Sarah Law our Director of Community Engagement.

Our Federal Tax ID number is 20-5534052.

Annual Fund FAQ

Each year, all members of our community (parents, staff, trustees, alumni, grandparents, and friends) are asked to make a tax-deductible gift to The Healdsburg School.  Last year we were grateful to reach 100% participation in the Annual Fund from our families, faculty and staff, and the Board of Trustees.

Please read below to learn more about the Annual Fund and its critical role in our stable financial future.

Q: What is the Annual Fund?

A: The Annual Fund is a vital campaign to raise funds to cover the school’s operating costs not covered by tuition.  The Healdsburg School endeavors to make an independent school education possible for a broad scope of families with varying economic circumstances.  The Annual Fund allows us to keep tuition levels competitive while still meeting our revenue needs.

Q: How Much Should I Donate?

A: How much you give is up to you; we appreciate you making The Healdsburg School a philanthropic priority. Last year, individual gifts ranged from $5 to $16,000 with an average donation of $766.  Gifts of all sizes make a difference; it is the power of our gifts together that makes The Healdsburg School possible.

Q: Why is 100% Participation so Important?

A: Your participation is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our educational mission. High Annual Fund participation inspires foundations and outside donors and is often used as a benchmark when deciding to make a financial contribution to our school.  

Q: What Does it Fund?

A: Your donation has a direct impact on your child(ren).  The revenue raised through Annual Fund gifts equips our students and faculty with the resources needed to provide each child with an exceptional education.