Annual Fund

Thank you for 100% family participation in the 2017-18 Annual Fund!

Your support sends a powerful message that you believe in The Healdsburg School—its educational programs, and the teachers and mentors who are integral to it. The Annual Fund is one of the schools most significant sources of support and it is through your generosity that our students continue to benefit from abundant opportunities to learn, grow, and shine.

If you have any questions about the specific benefits of the Annual Fund, please feel free to contact Sarah Law our Director of Community Engagement.

Thank you again to our THS Family and Friends who have supported this year’s campaign!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Fund

Q: What is the Annual Fund?

A: It is a campaign to raise funds necessary for the operating expenses of the school that is not covered by tuition.

Q: I already pay for tuition, why is the school asking for more money?

A: There is a gap between what tuition covers and what it costs to run the school.  Annual Fund donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, whereas tuition is not.  THS strives to keep tuition competitive and as affordable as possible.

Q: How much should I donate?

A: Any amount that a family contributes is appreciated, whether it is $20 or $20,000.  Our goal is for 100% participation by our school community.

Q: Where are most of the operating expenses used?

A: The majority of the operating expenses support faculty and staff salaries, which shows the value THS places on the amazing people who teach our children.  Additionally, THS is facility debt-free and our campus is continuing to grow and expand in ways that directly benefit our children’s education.