The Arts Reign At The Healdsburg School

Students create shapes with paint that will be spun onto a gessoed canvas with the large turntable. Credit Ann Carranza

With the help of local artists, students at The Healdsburg School are creating one-of-a-kind art works for their annual Bravissimo fundraiser.

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade are immersed in art at The Healdsburg School. Their one-of-a-kind art projects will be auctioned off in the school’s annual Bravissimo fundraiser.

But first, on Jan 27, the students will show their work at a two-hour artists’ reception, “All the Art,” to be held at the Murphy-Goode Tasting Room in Healdsburg.

The art will be available for buy-out prices that evening, though the work will hang for a week at the tasting room.

Artist and jeweler Pade Vavra and Camron Frey, a THS parent, worked together to create a large spin art turntable to create unique designs with first graders. The students poured controlled amounts of paints onto gessoed canvas then the round piece was spun using centrifugal force in the creation of these colorful abstract pieces. [More…]