The Healdsburg School believes children deserve to discover and/or construct meaning and understanding through authentic learning experiences.  Every day we create opportunities for our students to explore new ideas, wrestle with complex issues, and listen with heart and mind to cultivate the skills and mindsets necessary to create a more just world. THS educators work collaboratively with students and colleagues to design units of inquiry that capture the natural curiosity with which children are born and ignite a passion for life-long learning. 

During the pandemic,  we have demonstrated our commitment to the safety and wellness of our entire community.  We have hosted students on campus throughout the pandemic and continue to monitor and revise our various protocols as needed.  As a result, children arrive at school each day in joyful anticipation of how they will engage in their learning.  Our teachers and staff welcome them with equal enthusiasm and together we discover. 

Our website provides insights into our philosophy and program; however, a visit to campus is the best way to see the incredible work of students; to feel the connection among students and faculty and the entire community, and to experience the value of a school where students are known, and learning is personalized. 

I hope to see you soon,


Andy Davies
Head of School