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Ready to explore your creativity and imagination? Thank you to the wonderful and creative Mrs. Weber who designed a THS digital book from submitted drawings showcasing Zentangle art. This digital book shows the artistic talents of our students, teachers, parents, and community members.

Zentangle is a way to create art by drawing various repeated patterns. During this Sheltering in Place, life has radically changed for Healdsburg School families. Zentangling is repetitive, creative work that can be soothing and meditative during unsettling times. It is forgiving as well- if a line is drawn in a way that someone didn’t originally plan, it’s easy to turn it into something else, or make it the start of a new pattern. This technique doesn’t require special tools- any paper and writing utensil can be used, so it can be done right at home with materials on hand. And, it’s communal- every Healdsburg School community member was invited to create a page of this shared book.

Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh observes that we need to cultivate aimlessness in life; Head of School Ms. Davies calls it a need to “wander and ponder.” Zentangling, with its focus on process, is a fantastic way for the brain-hand connection to “wander and ponder” as different ways to repeat patterns in the making of art are explored. We hope that you like looking at these designs, as much as the artists enjoyed creating them. 

Feel free to print and color any of these pages; another restful, meditative activity~