The Healdsburg School community is empowered by the dedication of educators, families, and students. The magic of helping a student find their voice and sense of purpose by nurturing a child’s natural curiosity fuels our work. Our ultimate goal is for students to graduate with the skills, knowledge, and passion to make an impact in whatever way they choose.

As a thirty-year veteran of education, I know from experience that schools require intentional stewardship of limited resources. Our budget consists of four major components: people, instruction, facilities, and business. 80% of our budget is taken up by the first two; our expenses have a direct impact on your children, our students. Yet, facilities and business elements provide the critical infrastructure for our school to run. (This year, we have an increase in the facilities budget due to COVID.) Our school distinguishes itself through a collective commitment to ensuring all students are known and their potential is optimized.

Since its inception, The Healdsburg School has been committed to creating access to high-quality education. We intentionally maintain a price point within reach of dual-working families. We also take care to steward our resources responsibly and deeply appreciate the generosity of our entire community.

Independent schools fund their entire budgets through tuition revenue and fundraising – we receive no funding through state or federal programs. Recent funding has enabled us to support critical programs, and in some cases items, so we can provide a robust educational experience during a pandemic.

Your gifts to our Annual Fund send a powerful message that you believe in The Healdsburg School—its educational programs, and the teachers and mentors who are integral to it.

If you have questions about the Annual Fund, please contact Sarah Law, Director of Resource Development and Marketing.