Throughout the pandemic, THS has been committed to providing a safe and engaging learning environment in which children can thrive. Our greatest strength is our people, and 76% of our budget is allocated to teacher and staff salaries and benefits. Net tuition revenue covers 80% of our expenses, thus we must fundraise to cover the remaining 20% of our operational budget.

One avenue of fundraising is our Annual Fund campaign, which runs in the fall. Thanks to the generosity of our community, we raised $281,231 in our 2021 Annual Fund campaign with participation from 100% of our Board of Trustees, 97% of our faculty and staff, and 93% of our THS families! Thank you for coming together to raise the funds that enable us to continue to develop our educators, support children, provide need-based tuition assistance, and operate responsively in difficult times. Your donations allow us to grow THS from a good school to a truly great one.

Our heartfelt thank you to everyone who has donated to our Annual Fund:
Alain-Martin Pierret Jennifer and Nathan Roberts
Alex Gomes Jennifer and Steve Nelson
Alexis and Colin Clark Jenyng Wu and Nathan Wiemeyer
Alison and David Low Jessica and Charlie Gilmore
Alison and Jason Boaz Jessica and Matt Klein
Alli Kosta Jessica and Shane Scott
Alyssa Giorgi Jessica Weinman
Amanda and Darren Turbeville Joanne Caldari
Amber and Laura Roberts Joanne Tsai and James Driscoll
Amber and Randall Behrens Johanna and Dustin Valette
Amy and Jason Cunningham Juli and Doug Muhleman
Amy Rodgers Julia and Paul Leaver
Ana and Paul Von Hirtz Justin Herrguth
Andrea and Dean Kladder Karen Gilbert and Paul Pavlak
Andrea and Jeff Ballus Karla Becerra
Andrew Delos Kate and Ames Morison
Andy and Brian Davies Kate and Wells Guthrie
Ann Allan Katee and Kevin McGee
Ann Marie and Alex Davis Katherine Nelson and Eric Wolske
Ann Weber Kathy McBride
Anne Brennan Katrina Schjerbeck and Daniel Brennan
Anonymous Kay and Tom Reed
Anonymous Kelli Trujillo and Darlyn Phillips
April and Rob Koch Kelly and Michael Thomsen
April Mollison Kelly and Noah Dorrance
Ariel and Tim Kelley Kelly Ferris
Ashley and Cameron Mauritson Kelly Waggener and Jason Lehman
Ashley Herzberg Kelsey Kessner
Barb Young and Jeffrey Jones Kiley Clark
Becky Soracco Kim Dow and Greg Fisher
Beth and Steve Curtis Kimberly Riff and Matt Smith
Betsy Garner Kramer Family
Bill Koenig Kristina and Brad Eskra
Brianna Thomsen and Elizabeth McLachlan Laura and Brian Lee
Britta and Zach Winter Laura and George Adair
Brooke and Mario Pippi Laura and Jake Hawkes
Califa and Jacob Witsch Laura and Paul Forgue
Carin Case and Matt Shippey Lauren and Matt Hutton
Carol and Michael Mork Lele Tang and Minglei Liu
Caroline Otto and Tom Gorman Leslie Monteiro
Caroline Yu and Gabriel Gonzalez Linda Restel
Carolyn and Daniel Brenner Lisa and Ben Conner
Carrie and Matt Smith Lori Koenig and Dennis Dias
Casi and Aaron Jewett Lori Pattochi
Catalina Marin and Rodrigo Maturana Lydia and Chris Cummins
Catherine and Glen Barrisford Lynette and Gareth Owens
Catrina Higuera and Vincent Cruz Madison and Keith Hollander
Charlotte Perrine Maria Trickle
Chelsea and Gabriel Beiden Martha Zermeno and Emmanuel Garibay
Chris Ferris Mary Elizabeth Johnson and Tony Hansen
Christie and Mark Malpiede Mary Jane and George Campbell
Christine and Bill Campbell Maya Elmer
Christine and Brad Rodgers Megan and David Bowman
Christine Hanna and Jake Whiteley Megan and Ryan Glaab
Cindy and Jim Brown Melissa and Bodhi Kraus
Cindy and Jiries Mogannam Melissa Cash and Brett Chairez
Circe Sher and Mateo Granados Micaela and Kai Kliegl
Claudia Marinai and Steven Davy Michelle and Garrett Blake
Connie and Troy Newton Monica Haimowitz
Cori and James Wickersham Monika and Slawomir Michalak
Corinne Efram Natasha Gerasimova and Dimitri Kopendakha
Corrin and Jake Messing Nena Contreras Medina and Rigo Sotelo Ortiz
Daisy and Kyle Baskin Nicole and Kyle Evans
Danielle and Bill Smart Nicole Roges and Tim Kaulfers
Danit Cave Pamela Boaz and Bill Peppin
Dawn and Amar Patel Parul and Sumit Kohli
Dawn and Dale Reitz Pat and Frank Carrubba
Dawnelise and Ari Rosen Patricia and Mark Reinhart
Deborah and Brian Donlon Quyen Hoang and Doug Chiu
Debra Mathy Rachel and Justin Henry
Demae and Mark Rubins Rachel Glitz and Michael De Alessi
Diane Stremel Rajasree Pai and Raghesh Kangath
Dianna Badalament and Jeff Restel Richard Abrahams
Dr. Steven Ungerleider and Joanna Rice Richard Kladder
Drew Lichtenberger Robin Harness
Elizabeth and James Gore Robyn Fidler-Pereira and Carlos Pereira
Ellen Green and Brian Prystowsky Ron Charlesworth
Emily and Corey Manning Rosie and Mark Hagerman
Emily and Peter Mork Sally Ng and Sean Hackett
Emily and Ray Conway Sam Bilbro
Emily Podolak and Chris Marquez Samantha and Ian Marquis
Emma Kudritzki and Jesse Hall Sandi and Tom Passalacqua
Eri Sawairi Sandra and Jesse Sherman
Erin and Cody Radelfinger Sandy and Bob Comstock
Erin and Duncan Meyers Sara and Jeff LaFleur
Erin and Seth Hayes Sara and Larry Tristano
Erin and Walter Moore Sarah and Chad Law
Evan and Matt Welty Sarah and Ryan Schmaltz
Faith Wilson-Grove and Rob Grove Sarah Stassi and John Gilligan
Flora Skivington and John Chiarito Sasha Gallard *THS Class of 2019
Gail Ervin Sharan Dhillon and Raj Dhiman
Gianna Davy and Gabriel Froymovich Sheila Peterson
Grace Gau and Tim Saunders Susan Steel
Grace Ouchida and Scott Pratt Susannah and Matt Martin
Greg Marguglio Tanya and Andy Bruno
Heather and Kirk Hardcastle Tanya Bello and Marco Gallerizzo
Heather and Michael Cruciano Tasslyn Gester
Heather Millar-Gowen and Mike Gowen Teres Santos
Helen and Andy Barnes Tereza Ouchida
Iting Chen Tina and Phil Rasori
Ivory and John Paul Tonya Smith-Owen and Adam Owen
Jami Trinidad Vanessa Wong and Nick Peay
Jane Wallace Vicky and Wade Nobles
Jane Yang and Brian Gearinger Victor Lopez
Jean and Anthony Lim William Jones
Jeanette and Darren Inness Willow Laland-Yeilding and Sig Yeilding
Jenn and Dan Velasquez Ye Wang and Shawn Henson
Jennifer and Jason Weiss