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The Healdsburg School is committed to fostering an enriching learning environment where children flourish. At the heart of our success lies our team; 80% of our budget is dedicated to supporting our teachers and staff. To ensure the sustainability of our operations, we rely on net tuition revenue, which covers 80% of our expenses. We actively engage in fundraising efforts to bridge the remaining 20% gap in our operational budget.

We are incredibly grateful for our community’s boundless generosity during the 2022 Annual Fund campaign which allowed us to not only meet but exceed our fundraising goals. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for coming together, united in the shared vision of providing the best educational experience possible for our children. Your contributions enable us to nurture future generations and ensure the enduring success of THS.

Why does The Healdsburg School need to raise money each year in addition to charging tuition?

Independent schools do not receive any federal or state funding to cover any expenses.  The full cost of educating each child at THS is more than our tuition, so we need to raise funds to fill the gap in operational income to balance the budget. 

How are the funds raised in the Annual Fund used?

The funds raised through our Annual Fund allow The Healdsburg School to be flexible and responsive to yearly budgeting needs, and supports teacher salaries and benefits, professional development, classroom and program expenses, tuition assistance, technology, athletics, and the arts.

Why don’t you just raise tuition to cover all expenses?

Raising tuition to cover the gap would make The Healdsburg School tuition inaccessible for many families. Additionally, gifts to the Annual Fund are fully tax-deductible, whereas tuition is not.

How much should I give?

We understand that the amount of your donation to the Annual Fund is a personal decision. Gifts range from $50 to over $20,000, and we are grateful for gifts at every level.

Why is the fund named All In?

A hallmark of The Healdsburg School is its sense of community. We ask each family to consider THS in its top three philanthropic endeavors and hope each will donate in a way that is meaningful to them. Last year we had 93% family participation, and we hope to exceed that this year. Your donation symbolizes your belief in the value of the educational experience of your child(ren).

What is a Matching Gift?

Many companies provide a matching gift, usually up to a maximum amount, for every dollar their employee donates. Asking your employer to match your donation to THS can double and, sometimes, triple the impact of your gift! Please contact the HR department in your company if you want to learn if your employer has a matching gift program.

What is the difference between the Annual Fund and Bravissimo?

THS has two major fundraising campaigns every school year— Annual Fund in the fall and Bravissimo in the spring. Funds raised at the Bravissimo also support general operating expenses and help us close the gap between tuition and expenses. Bravissimo is another wonderful, fun way to support THS.

What if I have more questions and/or want to make other arrangements for my donation?

Please feel free to contact Andy Davies, Head of School at adavies@thehealdsburgschool.org | 415-433-4847, or Sarah Law, Director of Resource Development and Engagement, at slaw@thehealdsburbschool.org | 415-433-4847.