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Uniform and Dress Code


Students are expected to follow the uniform specifications outlined below. All clothing items must be a part of the official THS uniform. All items purchased from Lands’ End using the Preferred School Number: 900156472 are acceptable uniform items and all items available on this Lands’ End page for The Healdsburg School (THS) can be worn any day of the week. Uniform items and colors previously purchased from Lands’ End but have since been discontinued or are no longer available are still compliant with the Uniform Code and may still be worn to school any day of the week.

Non-THS clothing items and accessories (such as hats, sweaters, sweatshirts, bottoms, etc.) are not permitted

As THS students are active throughout the school day, please send your child to school in closed-toed, well-fitted shoes. Athletic shoes are required for PE.

We’ve included a few FAQs: 

It seemed like my child could wear any bottoms they wanted last year as long as they were somewhat similar in color/style to the THS uniform and now it seems like they cannot. Is that true? 

Yes. We found that last year in particular, adherence to the uniform policy was relaxed so much so that it made it hard for families, students, and faculty to know what was in violation and what was not. This took precious time away from teaching and learning, diverted attention to discussions about clothing and not learning, and created unnecessary confusion between students and their families at home (for example: “…but my friend wore short-shorts yesterday! Why can’t I wear them?!”)

Can I wear the mesh gym shorts on a day I don’t have PE?

Yes! You can wear any approved items on any day of the schedule. As a reminder, it is important to wear athletic shoes on PE days.

Can I purchase and wear items not purchased from Lands’ End?

No, students must wear items from Lands’ End. The only exception to this rule is raincoats. Although there is a raincoat listed on Lands’ End’s website that is available for purchase, students can wear any rain jacket that keeps them dry.

Can students purchase uniform pieces regardless of gender?

Yes, while Lands’ End requires you to select “boy” or “girl” while shopping, students at THS can purchase and wear uniform pieces regardless of gender. We believe in promoting an inclusive environment where all students feel comfortable and accepted. Uniform items are available in a variety of sizes and styles to accommodate all students. If you have any specific needs or concerns, please contact our school leadership team for further assistance.

Last year I was able to wear a hat with any logo on it. Can I still wear that?

No, only THS logo pieces are permitted.

Can I wear leggings?

Students can wear any solid black or gray leggings or bike shorts underneath their dresses and skirts, but they are not allowed to wear leggings on their own.

Can I wear my Crocs to school?

No, Croc-type shoes, slippers, flip-flops, and heels are not allowed at school.