Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average class size and student-to-teacher ratio?

  • Average Class Size: 23

  • Overall Student-to-Teacher Ratio:  8:1

  • Maximum Class Size: 24

How many students attend THS and where do THS families reside?

  • There are 201 students at The Healdsburg School. Our 135 families reside in:

    • 44% Healdsburg

    • 30% Santa Rosa

    • 17% Windsor

    • 9% Other

To which high schools do THS graduates matriculate?

Our graduates have attended high schools near and far including, but not limited to: Sonoma Academy, Cardinal Newman, The Thacher School, Stevenson School, San Francisco University High School, Stanford Online High School, Summerfield, Fay School, Lawrenceville School, Healdsburg High School, Windsor High School, Santa Rosa ArtQuest, Montgomery High (IB program), Tech High, and Maria Carillo High School.

Do families volunteer at THS?

THS is a collaborative environment, and our strong family-school partnerships help sustain and grow the school as well as support each student.  We have an active Parent Organization and many fun ways to volunteer and support the school.

Does THS have an After School Program?

  • Yes! The City of Healdsburg Parks & Recreation Department will be providing our Club THS program for students attending The Healdsburg School. This partnership between The Healdsburg School & The Parks and Recreation Department will ensure a meaningful connection between the school day and after-school.
  • For More information, click here.

Are uniforms required?

  • Uniforms are required in all grades. To see what THS students are wearing, please click here.