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Beyond the Classroom

Students need to see the relevance of what they are learning as they embark on the journey to develop purpose.  We are proud of the work we do in our classrooms, yet we know that when we take students beyond our campus, whether walking into town, carpooling into the city, strapping on a backpack for five days, or flying across the globe, our students’ learning is enriched in ways that are difficult to quantify, yet have an impact that is meaningful.


One of the founding pillars of THS is community service. THS faculty strive to teach students to look outside themselves to give back to the community, both locally and globally. Our goal is for students to recognize and learn what it means to be part of a community.

K through Seventh grades identify a need in the community and complete a service-learning project each year. Eighth graders are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of community service independently over the course of the school year.


Children, and most people, learn by doing or experiencing. Sonoma County has a rich history, incredible resources, and a commitment to community that enables our students to benefit from meaningful field trips throughout the year.  Each Unit of Inquiry in our Lower School Program includes an excursion that connects classroom learning to a real-life or historical experience. Our Middle School, Language, and Co-curricular teachers include off-campus opportunities throughout the year.  THS is excited to expand our County as Campus program in the coming years.


Fifth through Eighth-grade students participate in Outdoor Education trips each year. Outdoor Education field trips build community within each class by cultivating culture through a common language of values, purpose, and connection. These trips raise expectations and standards around student behavior and work. Most importantly, participation in Outdoor Education contributes to students’ understanding of themselves within the natural world and promotes the importance of taking care of our Earth.


Eighth-grade students travel to Washington, D.C each spring to experience history come to life. While in D.C., students visit major landmarks as a mechanism to understand the complexity of our Democracy, the role of individuals and groups to create our nation, and the long and difficult journey of many members or our society as well as those who have been traditionally marginalized.  A key concept of our IB program is action, and we strive to inculcate in our students an obligation to participate in the US Democracy with compassion, awareness, and intelligence.


Since its inception, The Healdsburg School has been committed to developing leaders who can view the world through multiple perspectives and honor the unique aspects of all cultures.  Every other year, THS offers its Middle School students the opportunity to travel to a Spanish or Mandarin speaking culture. \

“THS will always be the school that taught me to be adventurous, to try new things, and explore new opportunities.”
-8th Grade Student