Middle School


GRADES 6 – 8

The Middle School program challenges students to build their knowledge and understanding through dynamic learning experiences.  Our teachers design units of study that ask essential questions, create space for student voice and choice, and engage students in collaborative projects or simulations.  Middle School students learn best when they are in an environment that allows them to discover meaning and explore areas of interest, and our faculty embrace this philosophy. 

Our students learn both Mandarin and Spanish beginning in Kindergarten.  In the 2020-21 school year, our Seventh and Eighth Graders will choose one language on which to focus, providing the time necessary to gain proficiency in the target language.  In addition, we will implement an arts electives program for Sixth – Eighth grades.  These enhancements to our strong Middle School program effectively match this developmental stage when adolescents crave more autonomy in their school experience.