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The assignment was out and students were excited about being able to do anything they could dream up. Riley sat quietly and brainstormed ideas. Towards the end of class, she said, “Ms. Weber, I’ve got it! I want to build a model scale of the school around the Quad, the school’s main community space. 

3D Art class went quiet. “WHOA!” a Seventh-Grader said. “THAT’S gonna take a while,” said an Eighth-Grader. 

Riley started building, using an electric saw on sheets of wood. She measured, cut, and glued eight classrooms, the Campus Center, and the Quad itself, complete with chalked four-square courts and railing, spending about eight hours on the project. The three flags added a final touch. 

AND Riley is gifting the model to the school. Way to show grit and celebrate our community, Riley! Thank you.