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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

— Native American Proverb

What does celebrating Earth Day look like for you and your family? At THS, we like to think that Earth Day is every day! Educating our students about resources, climate change, and eco-responsibility is embedded in many of our programs and units of inquiry. To do our part on campus, we regularly audit our trash, encourage lunch-time composting, and are mindful of our water usage.

Here are some ideas to implement at home from @Wastefreeplanet’s Page:

🌎 Do a trash audit to learn about your individual waste

🌎 Join an outdoor restoration project or beach, park, forest, etc. cleanup!

🌎 Learn about the climate crisis and how it affects your local community and other communities

🌎 Go on a daily walk

Visit Earthday.org for some upcoming virtual events such as the global youth summit, the hip-hop caucus, and Earth Day Live!