Lower School


The Healdsburg School supports an environment where children are honored, supported, and respected for their interests, capabilities, and individual potential.

We believe young children are natural, curious, and excited learners. To capture this enthusiasm and zest for learning, and thereby fostering a love of lifelong learning, THS has designed a lower school curriculum that is integrated, experiential, interactive and meaningful to young learners.

The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme

The THS lower school curriculum centers on the Learner Profile and the Program of Inquiry, the core components of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).  The Healdsburg School is an authorized World School by the International Baccalaureate Organization and IB World Schools share a common philosophy-a commitment to a high quality, international education.  All IB schools believe in promoting student-centered education that consciously and actively drives the development of critical thinking, international-mindedness, and responsible, principled student action.

The IB PYP focuses on the total growth of the developing child encompassing academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs.  From a curricular standpoint, the PYP is a concept-driven program that asks, “What body of knowledge, applied across cultures, should every child know at this age?”  From an instructional viewpoint, the PYP provides for student-centered inquiry of relevant content; content connected to the real world that transcends single subject areas and provides a transdisciplinary approach to learning.  Learning is engaging, relevant, significant, and challenging.

Within this framework of concept-driven learning, THS lower school students hone essential skills in preparation for success in upper school and beyond.  The success of each student is provided through the attention to individual learning styles and made possible through our small class size.  Students’ progress is measured and accounted for through on-going, responsive evaluation, and our continual formal and informal assessment dynamically drives teacher instruction to meet the needs of each learner.

As THS and the PYP are dedicated to the development of the whole child, our lower school curriculum includes Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, and Mandarin classes.   All of our program components are structured to be integrated, experiential, and collaborative across all disciplines and to naturally add depth and relevancy to the Program of Inquiry. THS complements its Lower School curriculum with an emphasis on S.T.E.M.

IB Assessment Policy

THS Language Policy